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Construct an object-oriented Java program that performs each of the following conversions. Note that we’re only dealing with non-negative numbers.

• Converts a decimal integer into a 32-bit binary number

• Converts a decimal integer into an 8-digit hexadecimal number

• Converts a 32-bit binary number into a decimal integer

• Converts a 32-bit binary number into an 8-digit hexadecimal number

• Converts an 8-digit hexadecimal number into a decimal integer

• Converts an 8-digit hexadecimal number into a 32-bit binary number

Your program should be interactive, requiring the user to select the appropriate option from a menu of options (no GUI required). Note that Java’s class will be very helpful reading data from the keyboard.
The conversions you code must be direct. In other words, if you had to convert a base 2 number into base 16, the conversion should be made directly from base 2 to base 16 and not from base 2 to base 10 to base 16. You may not use any methods or utilities from the Java library that do the conversions for you. such as

Integer. toBinaryString ( )

Integer. toHexString ( )

Your program should send all output to a file called csis.txt. This output file will be submitted along with your source code for the lab. All information displayed in the terminal window, including input from the user, should also be sent to the output file.



Your program must send all output to csis.txt and this output file must be included in the zip archive that you submit. Note that your program output should be captured to the output file during program execution rather than cutting and pasting the output to the output file. Keep in mind that any dialogue the user has during program execution must also be included in the output file.

Place the following files into a folder and be sure to include only those files and folders I have requested:

-all .java source files required to build the project including all interface files

-csis.txt file containing all of the program’s output

-doc folder that contains the Javadoc HTML comments

-any input files required to execute the program

Check Your Output

Before submitting your labs, check the output in your csis.txt file. Do the calculations by hand and confirm that your output is correct. If the output is not correct, go back and look at your code and find out why. If you cannot figure it out, ask questions. You should always have a good indication of the grade you will receive on the lab at the time you submit the lab. Note that you may submit a computer lab as many times as you wish before the due date. I will only look at your latest submission.