Mission to Mars Solved

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You are going on a mission to Mars! Write an Excel Spreadsheet that is a shopping list for your very long journey into outer space.

You must only bring 10-15 items and list them in the first column

Specify the quantity of each item in the second column. You must have at least 1 item that has a quantity more than 1.

List the weight of each item in the third column

Calculate the total weight of each entry on your list taking the quantity into account in the fourth column. Also calculate the total weight of everything. Make sure the total weight does not exceed 400 pounds.(You may use metric if you like)

Calculate the weight of each entry on your list if you got them augmented for a 30% weight reduction in the fifth column. Also calculate the total weight.

Format your table so it is more pleasant to look at

Good news! Another person is going with you so you won’t be alone. In a separate sheet, make another entire table for that person who needs different things.

In a third sheet have one master table with all of the information in it. Try to do this by cell reference alone so if you change an element in one of the other sheets it will be automatically updated. Calculate the total for the entire list.

Name all three sheets to keep track of them.

This is an individual assignment. Do not work with other students on this project.

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