MAE 3210 Homework 1 Solved

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Monday’s class:

  1. Read course syllabus in detail, including the Policies linked in syllabus. You do not need to submit anything for this problem.

Wednesday’s class:

  1. Textbook problem 2.26.

(Textbook may have a typo labeling this as problem 20.26, see page 53)

Friday’s class:

3.a. The following infinite series can be used to approximate ex:

  • Prove that this Maclaurin series expansion is a special case of the Taylor series expansion(Eq. (4.7) in text) with xi = 0 and h = x.
  • Use a Taylor series to estimate f(x) = ex at xi+1 = 2 for xi = 1. Employ the zero-, first-, second-, and third-order versions and compute |εt| for each case. 3.b. Use zero- through third-order Taylor series expansions to predict f(1) for

f(x) = 20x3 − 5x2 + 7x − 80

using a base point at x = −1. Compute the true percent relative error εt for each approximation.