Lab exercise 12 Problems Solved

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  1. Write C++ programs
  2. Compile C++ programs
  3. Implement programs that involve inheritance, method overloading, and method overriding.

Additional Reading

This lab exercise requires an understanding of some concepts to solve the problems. You are strongly encouraged to read the following tutorials to help you answer the problems.

  1. Organizing C++ files: function prototypes, implementations, and drivers.
  2. Using objects as parameters and return values in functions
  3. Passing arrays as parameters to functions
  4. File reading and writing (also includes dealing with arrays)


Answer the programming problems sequentially (i.e., answer prob01 before prob02). If you have questions let your instructor or the lab assistant know. You can also consult your classmates.

When you answer two programming problems correctly, let your instructor know and wait for further instruction.

Lab exercise guide

Here’s a link to the Lab exercise guide in case you need to review the lab exercise objectives, grading scheme, or evaluation process.