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LAB 0-The Basics Code Include name, lab…..LAB 0-The basics
Include name, lab #, and date
Output at bottom as a comment
Output as a separate file
The problem you are solving is as follows (adapted from Lab 0 Word document):This program is going to have just one function. Its name will be main. In fact every program in ‘C++’ will have a function called main. The computer needs to know where the execution starts.
int main()
return 0;
Inside those curly brackets and before the return statement you will be typing lots of print statements.
cout <<“E-MAIL:\t”;
cout <<”MAJOR:\t”;
After each of the COUT statements given above, write another statement to output the information. So you will have at least eight statements in all.
You will submit 1) the .cpp file with both the code and the output shown as a comment at the bottom, and 2) the .txt file showing the output only