Introduction to Python Assignments

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Introduction to Python Assignments

1. Write a Python function called student_info that accepts 3 arguments § Student_id §Student_name §Student_major And prints student information on the console.

2. Write a short Python function, is_even(K), that takes an integer value and returnTrue if K is even, and False otherwise.

3. Write a short Python function, that takes one string and prints its length.

4. Use Python while loop to print all the character of the following sting, each in a new line: “Everyone should know how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think! – Steve Jobs”

5.What is the difference between list and dictionary in Python programming language? give one example of each. 6.Write a function called is_sorted that takes a list as a parameter and returns True if the list is sorted in ascending order and False otherwise. For example: >>> is_sorted([1, 2, 2]) True >>> is_sorted([2, 8, 4, 9, 1]) False

7.Use the “in” keyword to find if “CISC 120” is in the following “registered_courses” dictionary. registered_courses = {1: “CISC 120”, 2: “CISC 225”, 3: “CISC 233”}

8.Write a Python function that counts the number of vowels in a given string