importance of keeping signature-based IDPS Solved

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  1. Describe the importance of keeping signature-based IDPS detection up to date.
  2. Explain the important of the HOME_NET and EXTERNAL_NET variables within a Snort rule.
  3. Compare stateless firewall rules with an ACL.
  4. Explain why using proxy servers helps with securing web traffic.
  5. Describe site-to-site and client-to-site VPN.
  6. Examine the issues of using VPN software configured on a single firewall. Explain the solutions that may assist with this issue
  7. Explain what an SQL injection attack is and what mitigations can assist with preventing these attacks.
  8. Identify client-side applications that increase the likelihood of being exploited over the internet.
  9. Describe the risk analysis factors used in risk management.
  10. Explain why continuous monitoring is important
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