Importance of HADOOP in Software Engineering Solved

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Literature Review is a research paper about  “A Project Towards Establishing a Professional Career as a Hadoop Developer” .  Most Action Research (AR) topics are very specific, you will most likely need to generalize your topics.  For example, if your AR project involves collecting business requirements for a new system, you may not find academic research about collecting business requirements for a new system.  You will be able to find research about business requirements and process change, 3-4 pages, minimum of eight (8) professional references

  • Proposal – this is your plan – review the template, which should provide you with some common ideasregarding how to document your proposal
  • Briefly summarize (a paragraph or two for) each of the proposed (AR) iteration (at least 4 iterations)
  • Include a visual representation – (example provided in template)

Submit to Blackboard Week 3 assignment section per scheduled time and date on the Course Outline/Syllabus.

Think of this assignment as chapter two and three of your research paper.  Only submit the Literature review and Proposal (Do not include your Introduction and methodology – especially the references for those sections

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