Implement a MySingleLinkedList class in Java Solved

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The following Java implementation of a class Node is given:

private class Node<Object>




this(null, null);


Node(Object d)


this(d, null);


Node(Object d, Node n)


data = d; next = n;


Object data; Node next;


Assume that a singly linked list is implemented with a header node, but no tail node, and that it maintains only a reference to the header node.

Using the class Node described above, implement a MySingleLinkedList class in Java includes methods to:


(a)   int size() – return the size of the linked list.

(b)  void print() – print the linked list.

(c) boolean contains(Object x) – test if a value x is contained in the linked list.

(d) boolean add(Object x) – add a value x if it is not already contained in the linked list.

(e) boolean remove(Object x) – remove a value x if it is contained in the linked list.

Very important!

In the implementation of the MySingleLinkedList class resolution it is not allowed to use the interface Iterator.