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create a folder called hw3all lowercase letters

  • no spaces
  • no capitals
  • this is a FOLDER (also known as a directory), so do not put any extension on the name.
  • save all of your work for this homework in the hw3 folder
  • Using a text editor code a five page website about youthe home page must be named index.html
  • the other four pages must follow the naming conventionsall lowercase letters
  • no spaces
  • no capitals
  • Use the following tags in your site — a tag does not have to be in every page, e.g. you need only have one imageh1
  • h2
  • pput at least two paragraphs on each of the inside pages, at least five sentences in each paragraph
  • Use your own words. You may use other sources, but if you do, say where you got the information from.
  • imgyou need only use one image, although you may use more
  • specify the height and width attributes of the img tag in pixels. For this assignment only, you may resize using these attributes; normally you will want to keep the same aspect ratio when you resize (the relationship between height and width)
  • You can resize the image in Fireworks, Paint, or another program. In Fireworks, the command is Modify>Canvas>Image Size. In Paint there is a resize button.
  • ol or ul
  • link the pages together, using relative linkingBecause the files are all in the same folder, you need only specify the filename for the href attribute of the a tag
  • Use a consistent navigation scheme, meaning the links should be in the same place and in the same order on every page. For the page you are currently on, there should either be a link to itself, or just the text of the link should appear (without it being an actual link).
  • You may use a one row table to line up your links if you’d like. One link per cell.
  • You will find it convenient to copy your navigation links from one page to the other pages in your site
  • Don’t use any inline CSS.
  • Don’t use any embedded CSS
  • CSS coding in the html files will result in points being deducted from your grade. Do NOT put any styling in your html pages.
  • Avoid the use of deprecated or obsolete tags and attributes
  • Create one, and only one, external CSS style sheet to style the following tags. Get creative!it is required that you style these tags in your CSS style sheetbody
  • h1
  • h2
  • p
  • img
  • you may also style the tags you used to create the list, if you would like.
  • Don’t forget to link up the html pages with the external CSS style sheet
  • Make the website look attractive.
  • Put the five html pages, the one image file, and the one .css file in the folder called hw3
  • FTP the hw3 folder, and all of the contents, to your NVCC student server space.The URL of your site should be something like http://www.student.nvcc.edu/home/youruserid/hw3 or http://www.student.nvcc.edu/home/youruserid/ite170/hw3
  • After you have ftp’d your site to the server, test it in a browser, i.e. go the URL of your site and make sure everything work
  • Your files must be FTPd; I will not accept files which are attached to your Blackboard submission.
  • Grading:Five structurally valid HTML web pages that contain the required tags (20%)
  • Interesting content on each page (20%)
  • Linking the pages together correctly, using relative links (20%)
  • A correctly coded external style sheet, which styles all of the required tags (see above instructions) (20%)
  • The external style sheet is properly linked up to the five html pages. (20%)
  • APC-Technologies.zip