Homework #1 Into to Auto Trading Systems Conditional Expectation/Brownian Motion

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Problem 1. Write Matlab program to compute

sin(1 + x3=4 + log(x))

for x = 100:

Problem 2. Write a Matlab that can compute

Problem 3. Write a Matlab that can compute

if x       0

if               10 < x < 0 if x        10

for an x you input from keyboard.

Problem 4. Write for loop program that can compute the average of the series 1;2;3;:::500:

Problem 5. Use while loop Write a program that can compute

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Into to Auto Trading Systems Lecture Notes

Note: Note you can stop adding whenever when you             rst encounter k such that


Problem 6. Go through the relevant Sections in Tutorial and Primer thoroughly!

Additional Things to try if you are experienced programer.

Read the Tutorial and Primer about how to write function.            Turn the above program into function form

Read about How Matlab Pass arguments to Functions

Read about Global Variables

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