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The final project for this course consists of two case studies related to cybersecurity and the use of social networking and home computer use. Please review the case studies and respond using the  guidelines provided below.

Case Study 1: Securing your home computer
You just purchased a brand new computer for your home environment. It comes with the latest operating system, Internet connectivity and all accessories to complete your home office and school activities. You also have an Internet Service Provider where you can easily use the existing network to connect to the Internet and to perform some online banking.
Describe the steps you plan to go through to ensure this new computer system remains as secure as possible. Be sure to discuss the details of firewall settings you plan to implement, browser privacy and security settings, and recommended software (e.g., Anti-virus and others) you will install. Also, describe your password strength policy you plan to adopt, and what you envision to do to ensure your online banking site is encrypted and uses the proper certificates.
Discussion of operating system patches and application updates should also be included. As you discuss these steps, be sure to justify your decisions bringing in possible issues if these steps are not followed. You can discuss this for a specific type of computer (e.g. MAC or PC) to make the scenario more appropriate for your environment.

Case Study 2: Guidance for a family member using social networking sites.
A family member, who just turned 13, wants to join Facebook, create a Twitter account and start texting his friends on a regular basis. For the purpose of this paper, let us assume you are willing to allow your family to participate in these social networking activities and the family member has agreed to use your advice to protect his or her privacy and security while participating in these social networking activities.
Describe the specific guidance and rules that your family member must adhere to for this activity to move forward. Be sure to provide specific settings for Facebook and Twitter as well as any guidance for texting with friends. Be sure to discuss how to detect, prevent and report issues such as cyber bullying, identity theft, and child predatory behavior. Be sure to justify your decisions bringing in possible issues if the guidance you provided is not followed
Prepare a well-written paper no more than 10 pages in length.
In this paper you will address each of the above case studies. Be sure to clearly separate the case studies into separate sections of the paper. Only one paper is needed to address both case studies

Submission requirements:
Your completed assignment should be saved as a Word (or PDF) document and submitted to your LEO assignments area no later than the due date listed in the syllabus. Your document should be neat, wellwritten with minimal grammar and spelling errors.
You should name the file yournamefinalproject.docx (or yournamefinalproject.pdf). So if my name was Julie Smith, I would name my document juliesmithfinalproject.docx.
Your name should be clearly listed on the first page along with the class/section, professor and due date. Your document should contain page numbers at the top of each page. Single or double space line formatting is acceptable. All references used for your report should be included in APA style format. See the following APA reference guide for details on how to cite your references:

  • Online-Privcy.docx