Exploring the Command Design Pattern Solved

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Exploring the Command Design Pattern

you are to implement the Command design pattern. Design a simple MenuItem class that stores only two pieces of information – the name of a menu item, and whether  it is a vegetarian dish or
not. Then implement a Menu class that maintains a collection of MenuItem objects (i.e., as an aggregator). The Menu class should have methods to allow menu items to be added and removed.
It should also have a method that returns an array of strings containing all of the menu items so that they can be displayed. Finally, the Menu class should have a method that returns how many of the items on the menu are vegetarian dishes.
Design a simple text-based user interface that provides the following commands,Main Menu
1 – Add Item
2 – Remove Item
3 – Display Items
4 – Display Number of Vegetarian Items
UML Diagram on following page