Exercise 10.4 Solved

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Modify the example applications of Section 10.2 to have it validate the zip code when it is entered, to ensure that it is a valid zip code for the given city and state. The response document can be a PHP script that looks up the zip code and the city and state in a small table of examples (you come up with valid data for the table).// Utilize access_cars.php for these problems.
Don’t sweat gathering filler data, just fill one row to make sure the code works and I will add more later.13.1 Use MySQL to create a database of information about used trucks for sale, similar to the cars database used in this chapter. Make up equipment that characterizes trucks. Get the raw data from the ad section of your local newspaper. Instead of using the states in the cars database, divide your town into four sections and use them.
13.2 Modify and test the program access_cars.php to handle UPDATE and INSERT SQL commands, as well as SELECT.Last but not least: the following refers to the MySQL problem above.Add a text box that doesn’t read a SQL statement but text that your database will look for the car type into the text box. Copy project 9 and make this into a separate project.
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