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Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page
break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer.
1. Which of the following sentences shows correct usage of a comma or commas?
A. William of Orange, arrived in England in 1688, to claim the English throne from James II.
B. After a fire at their home, Carlie and her mother rented a house in Glendale Arizona from November 14, 2007 to January 28, 2008.
C. Claire’s plum pudding was mainly distinctive, for its absence of plums.
D. Christopher Wren, a contemporary of Isaac Newton and John Locke, was the architect of St. Paul’s Cathedral.
2. If one or more paragraphs in an essay lack adequate explanations or supporting details, you can
A. revise the topic sentence so that fewer details are needed to support it.
B. use a transitional phrase to link it to another paragraph that includes more details.
C. delete sentences that don’t support the topic sentence.
D. use who, what, when, where, why, and how questions to generate the details you need.
3. Which of the following sentences contains a dependent clause?
A. Jared eagerly climbed into the boxing ring; he was on his back and out for the count in less than ten seconds.
B. Please clear the table and wash the dishes.
C. Kicking and leaping, the three deer behaved like rambunctious rabbits.
D. The red sports car that was parked under the tree belongs to Alan.
4. In which of the following sentences does the use of prepositional phrases make it harder for readers to
find the main point of the sentence?
A. Under the circumstances in which the staff found themselves, they decided, in anticipation of layoffs, to go on strike.
B. In what way is a political group considered “grassroots” when it’s overseen by a pair of wealthy businessmen?
C. The committee voted on several of the issues under consideration.
D. The senator chose to run on a platform that cut taxes for the wealthy.
5. Which type of learners would benefit by checking whether their thesis and topic sentences are clearly
stated when revising their essays?
A. Pragmatic
B. Verbal
C. Abstract
D. Concrete
6. Which of the following statements is true about an independent clause?
A. It can’t stand alone.
B. It can stand alone as a complete sentence.
C. It begins with a subordinating conjunction.
D. It contains only a verb, not a subject.
7. In the following sentence, which word is used as a coordinating conjunction?
Lisa and Mary were home on time, but Kim, Francine, and Penny weren’t going to make it.
A. on
B. but
C. were
D. and
8. A judicial decision handed down in court uses the _______ level of diction.
A. colloquial
B. popular
C. informal
D. formal
9. Which of the following is a complex sentence?
A. We didn’t have enough potatoes for dinner, so we served rice instead.
B. Jim tried to watch a video on a device connected to a crowded wireless network; as a result, the video stuttered and froze.
C. identity theft is a growing problem, especially among seniors.
D. After Henry submitted his essay, he realized that he hadn’t proofread the last page.
10. Eliminating unnecessary adverbs such as very, really, or extremely can help make a sentence more
A. compound.
B. figurative.
C. concise.
D. simple.
11. A _______ can be used for both organizing and revising an essay.
A. flowchart
B. verbal sketch
C. topic sentence
D. graphic organizer
12. In order to demonstrate that one idea is less important than another, which type of sentence will
Bernice use?
A. Compound-complex
B. Simple
C. Complex
D. Compound
13. Which of the following sentences demonstrates a subject-verb-modifier pattern?
A. Shelly, after spending hours preparing the meal, served dinner.
B. After spending hours preparing the meal, Shelly served dinner.
C. Shelly served dinner after spending hours preparing the meal.
D. Because she’d spent hours preparing the meal, Shelly, a stickler for following recipes, finally served dinner.
14. In revising his essay, Silvio realizes that there are some paragraphs in which the topic sentence doesn’t
support the thesis. What can he do to correct this?
A. Add transitions where needed
B. Revise supporting sentences to ensure that the connection to the topic sentence is clear
C. Write a new sentence that supports the thesis and states the main point of the paragraph
D. Revise his thesis to include all the points made by the different topic sentences
15. Which of the following sentences uses parallelism effectively?
A. The Red Sox fans screamed, yelled, and were applauding wildly.
B. The report was good because it was factual and offered many details.
C. Laura spent all her time gardening and arranging flowers, when she wasn’t in a shoe store to shop.
D. The large plant-eating dinosaurs were quite slow, rather stupid, and extremely hungry.
16. During revision, you should scan your paper for _______ words and replace them with concrete words
or phrases.
A. general
B. formal
C. informal
D. figurative
17. Which of the following sentences contains a correlative conjunction?
A. You don’t need to buy a new cell phone, nor should you.
B. Scotland may vote to break away from the United Kingdom, or it will remain within the union.
C. Neither of us wanted to tell our mother about the cost of a computer upgrade.
D. Either Maria will pick up the birthday cake, or her brother Shawn will stop by the bakery.
18. Which of the following is a compound-complex sentence?
A. Mariella and her sisters went to the movies, and as they sat down, Mariella reminded her sisters to turn off their cellphones.
B. Mariella and her sisters always remember to turn off their cell phones in a movie theater.
C. People who turn off their cell phones at the movie theater are respectful of the other people in the theater.
D. As Mariella settled into her seat at the movie theater, she reminded her sisters to turn off their cell phones.
19. Pablo insists that a conclusion should reinforce the thesis statement. Patrice says that the conclusion
should follow logically from the introduction. Who is correct?
A. Neither Pablo nor Pam is correct.
End of exam
B. Only Pam is correct.
C. Both Pablo and Patrice are correct.
D. Only Pablo is correct.
20. Which of the following sentences uses a metaphor?
A. My old car gulps gasoline.
B. My boss is a tornado.
C. Whenever she’s hungry, my cat howls like a banshee.
D. Rafael looked as startled as a deer in headlights.

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