EMBSYS110 Assignment 1-Development Tools Setup Solved

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The goal of this assignment to complete the setup of the Eclipse-based development tools on your computer. This development environment is a prerequisite for future assignments.

1         Steps

  1. Follow the instructions in Section 3.1 Quick Setup Procedure of Module 1 Notes.pdf to setup the virtual machine with built-in development tools.

Note – There is NO NEED to follow Section 3.2.

  1. Download the compressed project file (platform-stm32f401-nucleo_assignment1.tgz) from the assignment course site.


  1. Attach only the LCD display module to the Nucleo board. Be very careful when aligning the pins to the sockets and do not bend the pins.
  2. Follow the instructions in Section 4 Test Run to build and run the project downloaded above.
  • hw01-0rqwbw.zip