EMBSYS100 Module 3- pre-processor, volatile directive, and GPIOs Solved

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The goals for the assignment this week:

  1. Become familiar with C programming language’s pre-processor, volatile directive, and how GPIOs work.
  2. Explore using the STM32MXCube tool to generate code for the evaluation board.


  1. Morse Code is considered a sequence of binaries. Please read about Morse Code and share the following findings:
    1. What is Morse Code?
    2. Who developed Morse Code?
  2. Using the International Code below, please write a small program to present your first name with Morse Code using the user LED on our Nucleo-F401RE evaluation board.
  3. Bonus:
    1. Use the STM32CubeMx tool to generate the boiler plate code for controlling the LED
    2. Implement a simple blinking LED program using the code generated by the tool. c. For Setup:
      1. Install the tool (available under the “general” folder in Canvas).
      2. Install JRE if it prompts for it. iii. Reference manual for the STM32CubeMX tool
  • module03-mkht4o.zip