EMBSYS100 Module 1-development environment setup Solved

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The goal for the assignment this week is to primarily setup your development environment as you would on the job:

  1. Getting your repository setup to begin working on source code and documentation
  2. Setting up your IDE
  3. Setting up your device and validating everything works and able to connect and debug from IDE.


  1. Embedded device example

Using the telegraph example, and the challenges listed in the module as reference, and describe another device that you would like to discuss. Describe how you think its embedded system works, and what design challenges it presents.

  1. Two’s complement

Why use two’s complement to represent negative numbers?

  1. IAR installation and “Hello World”

Follow instructions in the “EMBSYS100_Toolchain_Instructions.pdf document to install IAR and run “Hello World” program.

  • module01-3dat09.zip