ECE532 Homework 3-  Hough Transform Solved

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Write a computer program to perform the Hough transform to detect straight lines. Write your own code for the steps of the algorithm; don’t use existing Hough-related functions. Use the rho/theta parameterization. Use about 100-by-100 resolution for the Hough array. Apply your program to the edges . png edge map that is provided. Write the Hough array (scaled to a

[0,255] range) to a file as a grayscale image to help you debug the program.

Submit the following items:

Your commented source code files.

The Hough array stored as a grayscale image, scaled so that the smallest value is O and

the largest value is 255.

What is the number of significant lines that should be kept?

What is the threshold value that should be used?

A sketch (by hand or by computer) of the most significant lines that were found, along

with the (rho, theta) values for those lines.