DJ Playlist Manager -C++ Solved

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DJ Playlist Manager: develop a program for a DJ. The DJ needs to be able to enter data about his or her music collection, such as title, artist, length, genre, and so on. The user should be able to create individual playlists from a subset of the entire music collection. A report should be available showing the songs on a particular playlist, as well as their total length and average song length. There should also be a report showing the names of all the playlists and the total length of each playlist.

include  IPO chart and pseudocode , one conditional expression in separate attachment, loops to validate data. Add a menu to your program that allows users to use the various features or exit the program also In separate attachment, Add arrays to your program to handle more data also separate attachment. Create a hierarchy chart showing the logical components of program. the ability to save data to disk in one or more files. The menu(s) should give the user the option to save or retrieve data.