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  1. Provide a concrete example of forms, reports, or interfaces where you would make different designs depending upon such characteristics as different types of users, task / system, or environmental characteristics. Note that your example should have at least two cases (e.g., two different user types) to compare the design differences – make sure to explain what is different in design. By design, I mean the physical appearances (how to present) of forms, etc., not logical data requirements (what to present).

      2. Create an E-R diagram (I recommend using Visio and its functions – relationship must be described in the crow’s foot format) for the system described below with necessary attributes, keys, relationships, and if necessary, associative entities. State your assumptions if necessary.

– Each semester, each student may register classes.

A student must first select classes he/she wish to take next semester and put them in a list called “the cart.” Each semester, each student will be assigned a “priority” date to be able to process registration; and once the date comes all courses selected in the cart will be processed for registration except for those with restrictions (such as prerequisite).

If the course requires any prerequisite conditions, the system will retrieve student’s record of classes completed and see if the conditions are met, such as prerequisite courses were taken before, co-requisite courses are being taken at the same time, or degree standing (junior standing, credit hours, etc.) is met. Otherwise, only the department chair, the program director, or the college advisor can determine if the student is allowed to register the class and the course will be processed by one of these personnel for registration. A course may or may not be offered in a particular term, which is determined by the year and semester (fall, spring, or summer).

The same course can be offered in the same term with different section numbers. A student may repeat the course. Each section of a course offered in a particular term should have at least one instructor assigned; and have time, days of week, building, and room number. A student has a history record of courses taken with the course ID, term, and grade. The instructor will be chosen from the list of faculty, which also includes the department chairs, program directors, and advisors. A degree program belongs to one particular department, and has a director assigned from the faculty list. The program has a list of required and elective courses; however, the courses may or may not belong to one particular program (a course may be required by many programs).