Database Management Systems IS380 Assignment #6 Solved

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1. Download “Ch07_Fact_ORA.TXT” from BB and execute it. After executing the script, your table counts should match the following:


1. Write a query to add yourself as one of the authors. Use the following values: Au_id: 700 Au_fname: ‘your first name’ Au_lname: ‘your last name’ Au_birthyear: 1980

2. Write a query to list those authors with no publications.

3. Write a query to count patrons by patron type(pat_type) sorted in ascending sequence. The report should look like this:

4. Write a query to list all books where cost is greater than the average cost. The report needs to be sorted by cost and should look like this:

5. List all books and their corresponding book subject average cost. The report should look like this:

6. EXTRA CREDIT: Using the LargeCo tables, list employee data and their corresponding starting salary. The report should look like this: Note: This is a partial report. There are 363 rows total.

  • queries.txt