DATA620 Final Project Solved

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Final Project Proposal

Your proposal should describe at a high level what you’re seeking to accomplish, and your motivation for performing this analysis. A guiding question or hypothesis to test is one good way to start. If you are going to work in a small group (encouraged!), you should also list your partners’ names.

You should briefly describe your data sources; plan for doing the work, and up front concerns. If you are working in a group, please describe the roles and responsibilities of each group member.

We’ll treat this proposal as a planning document, not a blue print containing “firm, fixed requirements.”


Final Project

Your project should incorporate one or both of the two main themes of this course: network analysis and text processing. You need to show all of your work in a coherent workflow, and in a reproducible format, such as an IPython Notebook or an R Markdown document. If you are building a model or models, explain how you evaluate the “goodness” of the chosen model and parameters.


Final Project Presentation

We’ll schedule a short presentation for each team, either in our last scheduled meet-up or in additional office hours to be scheduled during the last week of classes.