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Step 1: Given a file of data, read the data and parse it based on a fixed given field headers. To download the file, select the following link: Unit 4 Sample Data. We do not have to do the PIG latin in this assignment.

The file is a comma delimited file with the following record structure:
FirstName – Character – Size (12)
LastName – Character – Size (16)
Company – Character – Size (32)
Address – Character – Size (32)
City – Character – Size (24)
County – Character – Size (24)
State – Character – Size (2)
ZIP – Number – Size (5)
Phone – Character – Size (12)
Fax – Character – Size (12)
Email – Character – Size (32)
Web – Character – Size (42)
Step 2: Write a complete C# XXXXX in console mode to load the data file as a sequential file using C# XXXXX library into an ArrayList data structure (using the System.Collection library) Store each line in the file as a separate record.
Step 3: After the file is loaded into the ArrayList, sort the data in ascending order based on the LastName field and Display the following fields:
First name
Last name
Step 4: Next, sort the data in descending order based on the ZIP field, and display the following fields:
First name
Last name
Step 5: Display all the records (and all its fields) for everyone that is in the state “NY.”
Step 6: Submit the source code for the solution and the output screenshots for the following list. You can use any appropriate algorithm in the solution.
Sorted data based on last name
Sorted data based on ZIP
Everyone in the state of NY