CSIS 212 Programming Assignment 1

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 In this new age of Technology (Website, social media, etc., we have been given the opportunity to minister and serve others in many ways. Using the techniques you have learned in this chapter, write a Program which displays at least 5 different sentences that explain how technology has been used to win souls to Christ.

Program 2
Write a portion of a Program for a church’s website. The Program will be used for a chatting feature, which will include an Input Box (Dialog Boxes and the JOptionPane) that requests the user’s name. The message box will include the user’s name and the Scripture of the Day (chapter and verse only).
The Program will be similar to the text below:
Welcome, Bob, To The Liberty University Website!
The Scripture for the day is: Matthew 6:11
The assignment must have the following statements and components as demonstrated in the text:
1 Java file and 1 Class file, Variable, Input Statement, and Program will follow Java Programming Conventions as shown in the Grading Rubric.

Program 3
Exercise 2.14 JHTP: Write an application that displays the numbers 1 to 4 on the same line,
with each pair of adjacent numbers separated by 1 space. Use the following techniques to
accomplish learning the three ways to print using Java.

Use 1 System.out.println statement
Use 4 System.out.print statements
Use 1 System.out.printf statement
Program 4
Exercise 2.15 JHTP: Write an application that ask the user to enter 2 integers, obtains them from the user and prints their sum, product, difference and quotient (division). Use the techniques shown in Figure 2.7.

Program 5
Exercise 2.26 JHTP: Write an application that reads 2 integers, determines whether the first is a multiple of the second and prints the result. [Hint: Use the remainder operator.]