CSI2110 Lab8-Heap Sort, Merge Sort and Quick Sort Solved

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Heap Sort, Merge Sort and Quick Sort

Download the archive Lab8.zip and extract the TrySorts applet. The applet makes use of the following sorting implementations

  • BubbleSort.java
  • HeapSortInPlace.java
  • QuickSortInPlace.java

Use the applet wit various setting and observe the behavior. Note, you can have a look at the array before and after sorting for array sizes under 100 elements. The New Elements button will generate a new array to be sorted.

In-Place Quick Sort

The quick-sort implementation is not randomized. Randomize the pivot selection and observe any change in running time.

Merge Sort

Replace the BubbleSort implementation with MergeSort and compare the sorting algorithm with Quick Sort and Heap Sort.


  • Lab8-ed2prj.zip