CSCI213 Assignment 3: Create A Graphical User Interface Game Application Solved

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  1. Overview


This assignment aims to establish a basic familiarity with the Java API (Swing and AWT packages) for creating graphical user interface (GUI) and handling events related to GUI. Students should apply the appropriate Java programming fundamentals, object-oriented, GUI and event handling concepts that they have learnt to solve the given problem.


  1. Objectives


On completion of this assignment a student should be able to write a GUI application that:

  • Makes use of Java API “Swing” and “AWT” packages
  • Handles generated events
  • Makes use of layout manager to organize the GUI components
  • Comprises classes designed based on object-oriented concepts
  • Makes use of Java programming fundamentals


  1. Scope


This assignment is based on individual effort. You are required to implement a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the “War of Greek Gods” game application in Assignment 2.


Besides providing the required functionalities, your program should incorporate appropriate error handling. Comments are also to be inserted to improve program clarity. Before you start coding your program, you are strongly advised to carry out proper problem analysis and program design.  You are required to use JDK 1.5 developer version or later.


  1. Requirements


The game starts by the dealer shuffling the deck and player clicks on Start Game.

(You may include animation in this frame to simulate “shuffle” effect as enhancement.)


Then the dealer deals three cards from the top of the deck to the player and itself.

The game starts with the Human Player.

The player chooses which pillar to host the war and which game card to be sent to the pillar for war.


Dealer sent Poseidon to the Air pillar.


The actual war.


Power points on the game cards updated.


You free to design the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the game according to your design and needs.


GUI related Enhancement

You are free to do any GUI related enhancements (e.g. Animiation and sound effect) to the game and write those enhancement in the report.