CSCI204/MCS9204/CSCI804 Object and Generic Programming in C++ Laboratory Exercise 3 Solved

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Task: Constructors, destructor (1.0)

Define a class BigInteger in a file BigInteger.h that can be used to store a large positive integer. The class contains two data members: a pointer of short integer and the size of the dynamic short integer array. Define the following member functions:

  • The default constructor;
  • An initialization constructor initializes a BigInteger instance with a long long integer;
  • An initialization constructor initializes a BigInteger instance with a char array, in which all elements are decimal digits.
  • The copy constructor makes a deep copy from a BigInteger instance.
  • The destructor;
  • Add function adds the current instance with another BigInteger instance and returns the result of the addition.
  • Print function print out the current BigInteger value to an output stream.

Implement the member functions defined above in a file BigInteger.cpp.

Write the driver program include main function in a file testMain.cpp to declare instances of BigInteger, test all the member functions defined above. The values are up to you (Do not read input data from the keyboard or a file).