CS701 Module4 Assignment Solved

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Create a new folder named HW4_lastName. Write the following programs in this folder using the new Angular and Typescript.

Part1 (60 Points)

Implement the shopping cart application from Module3 Assignment using the new Angular and TypeScript.

Part2 (40 points)

Implement the tokenize from the Module3 Assignment as a pipe, tokenizer, using the new Angular and TypeScript.

Use the following commands for creating the project files. Navigate to the

HW4_lastName folder and execute the following commands one at a time: ng new hw4 cd hw4 npm install ngx-bootstrap –save

ng g component part1  ng g component part2 ng g pipe part2/tokenizer

Include the reference to the bootstrap css file in the project’s index.html if you are planning to use the bootstrap css.

Modify the app.component.html file as follows:

Implement the Part1 of the assignment using the part1.component.ts, part1.component.html, and part1.component.css files.

Implement the Part2 of the assignment using the tokenizer.pipe.ts, part2.component.ts, part2.component.html, and part2.component.css files.

The end result of the application should be similar to the following:

  • HW4.zip