CS365 Program 3-Scratch program that writes your initials Solved

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Create a Scratch program that writes your initials, or at least three letters, using the pen. Make each letter be a different color. This should fill the majority of the screen.

I have posted a PDF with a graph-like look of a Scratch stage that might help with the positioning.

For this lab you will create two separate programs. They will end up doing the same thing, so the work you do in the first part will be reused in the second part.

Change the background of the Stage to something of than the default white background in each part.

You can find Scratch at scratch.mit.edu. You can create an account and save your work on their cloud, or you will need to save your work to your computer after each session. Look in the File menu option to save work to your computer or to upload a file from your computer into Scratch. If you close the window without downloading the file to your machine YOU WILL LOSE YOUR WORK.

Part 1

The letters should be written to the screen in order. Write them out from left to right. Select a Sprite other than the default sprite. Make sure that the Sprite is not visible once you have completed writing the letters to the Stage. The letters should be written to the screen when the user clicks on the green flag.

Part 2

You will need three Sprites. Pick one of the letters for the Sprite that matches the letter you are going to draw.  Each Sprite will draw just one letter. All letters will begin to draw when the user clicks on the green flag. Make sure that none of the Sprites are visible after the letters have been written to the Stage.


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