CS160 Lab 7 Poker Solved

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Modify the PokerHand.py file to implement the evalHand method in the PokerHand class as described in the documentation string. For normal credit, your evalHand method may just return the constant for the hand. For 5 bonus points, have it return a tuple as described in the documentation string.

Create a file named PokerGame.py that uses the PokerHand class to display two 5-card hands of poker and indicates who wins or if it is a tie. Note that the return value of evalHand is larger for the better hand. Use the graphics module and Button class to play the game and indicate who wins. Add a Quit button that the player of the game must press to close the window. Following is a screenshot of what your program must look similar to.

When you are finished, submit your lab by emailing your PokerHand.py, PokerGame.py, and help.txt files as attachments from your Capital email account to [email protected] with the subject CS160-9ATT, CS160-12ATT, or CS160-1ATT depending on your class time (note there are no spaces and it is all capital letters).

I typically do not notice any comments in the body of the message as these emails are filtered automatically. Please send a separate email with a different subject if you have a question.

Your lab will be graded using the rubric posted on iLearn.

If you realize you made a mistake, you may resubmit your program (before the due date). I only keep and grade the last submission. When resubmitting, send all the specified files.


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