CS1114-Homework 1-Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving Solved

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Homework #1

Question 1:
Convert the following numbers to their decimal representation:
a) 100110112 =
b) 11011012 =
c) 3A816 =
d) 22145 =

Question 2:
Convert the following numbers to their binary representation:
a) 6910 =
b) 48510=
c) 6D1A16 =
Question 3:
Write a program that asks for the user’s name and prints a personalized welcome message for him.
For example, an execution could look like: Please enter you name:
H i Mike, Welcome to CS-­‐UY 1114
Question 4:
Textbook P.80, Q4:
The U.S. Cencus provides information on its web page (http://www.census.gov) about the current U.S. population as well as approximate rates of change.
Three rates of change are provided:

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