CPT121 Task 2.2.3. Practice Exercises — Arrays Solved

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Task 2.2.3 Practice Exercises – Arrays

  1. Write a program which the user to enter the number of days in the month, prompts the user to enter the minimum and maximum temperature for each day in the month and calculates / displays the following statistics:
    • Average maximum and minimum temperatures across the month
    • Highest and lowest maximum temperature for the month
    • Highest and lowest minimum temperature for the month
    • Number of days with a maximum above the average temperature for the month

Noe that you should use arrays to mange the storing of the initial minimum and maximum temperature values entered by the user.

  1. Write a program which prompts the user to enter up to ten (10) movie titles, prompts the user to enter a keyword to search for, stores the movie titles in an array and then displays all movie titles which contain that keyword.

You may assume that the user will not enter more than ten (10) movie titles, but they may signal that there are no more movies to enter by hitting the enter key immediately without entering another movie title at any point during the input gathering process and thus the array should be considered to be “partially full”.

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