Course Project: Part 3—Design Alternatives Solved

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Course Project: Part 3—Design Alternatives

In a professional environment, you typically create three interface-layout designs and show them to the client. Then, the client and you, together, select one of these designs. The complete website development is based on this design.

Continuing with the course project, this week, you will be creating three design alternatives and the home page of the selected interface-layout design.

Complete the following tasks by adding to your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation from Weeks 1 and 2:

  • Create three complete designs (each as a separate slide in Microsoft PowerPoint) of the home page and submit them to the Discussion Area by
  • Finalize the design you want to use for your website, based on the choices you presented to the class.
  • Construct the home page of the website in the HTML format. This page should be named index.html.
  • Include all the images used on the home page and its HTML file in a ZIP folder.

Submission Details

Name your ZIP folder