COSC 4320 Assignment 2 Solved

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  1. Liverpool is a very good football/ soccer team in English premium league. The stadium holds 15,000 people. The number of people attending one of their games is related to the number of people attending the previous game and the results from the previous two game in the following manner
  • The attendance increases according to a logistic model when the team has won both of its previous game
  • If the team wins one and draws one of its last two games, the crowed will increase in a linear fashion
  • If the team loses both games, the crowd size will decrease geometrically
  • Any other possibilities result in a linear decrease
  • The result of 2108/2019 season were as follows




  • Develop a discrete time model that illustrates the attendance for the season. Make the following assumptions o The attendance in the first game was 8,000

o The initial growth rate for logistic and linear components is 10 % o Decay rate for losing both games is 10 %

  • Provide functionality Python code to implement the model and graphical output to show the results