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Read PlugIn_T6-Basic Skills and Tools Using Access 2013/2010 (there was no way to attach but this can be easily found online) and do problem 3 (Academic Software):

3. Academic Software

Launched in 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts, Academic Software has consistently been the

fastest-growing education-focused software retailer in North America. It is committed exclusively

to academic customers, offering thousands of full-version software titles at great discounts.

Academic Software has partnered with the top technology manufacturers, including Adobe, Microsoft, Sibelius, Sony Media Software, and Wacom, to offer excellent service and

prices, which are available only to students, schools, and teachers.

From the very beginning, Academic Software has relied heavily on technology to ensure

a positive shopping experience for its customers. The company’s philosophy is simple: Hire

amazing people, give them the best tools, and help them deliver an unbeatable customer


One facet of Academic Software’s business that needs assistance is its database organization.

You have been asked to assist Academic Software with creating a relational

database structure for organizing software, vendors, and academic categories. Currently

this information is stored in an Excel spreadsheet, T6_AcademicSoftware_Data.xls, which

Academic Software has provided to you.

Specifically, you are asked to:

1. Create a Microsoft Access database.

2. Create the tables, fi elds, data types, and primary key(s) for the database using the

structure provided in the T6_AcademicSoftware_Data.xls fi le.

3. Create the relationship(s) needed between the tables.

4. Populate the database with the data provided in the T6_AcademicSoftware_Data.xls file (see below)