COMP3512 Chapter 9 Solved

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This lab will provide you with experience with event handling and DOM manipulations using JavaScript. You do not need to use Cloud9 for this lab since JavaScript is run locally on your browser. If you are running this lab locally (that is, not on Cloud9), then you will need to download the files from this lab’s GitHub folder. You can do this by downloading a zip from GitHub, or by cloning the repo using Git.


  • Using a web browser, visit
    1. If downloading, then click on Download button and download the zip. You can uncompress it someplace and continue with the lab.
    2. If using Cloud9, create a HTML5 workspace and in the Clone from Git field specify
    3. If you have installed using Git locally on your computer, then create a folder for your lab, then in the Terminal (Mac) or Git Shell / Command Window (PC), use the following commands:

      git init
      git clone


  • Once everything is ready, you will find a step-by-step lab (see lab09.pdf). I strongly recommend you first work through this lab before doing the remaining steps.
  • Complete Chapter9 Project 2 for next week. These chapter numbers refer to the Second Edition. If you don’t have it, then you can use the PDFs that have been provided.