COMP-206 Mini Assignment #1 Solved

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Question 1: The Linux Manifesto

Google “Linux Documentation Project Manifesto” and for this question, summarize the manifesto in two to four sentences.


Question 2: Software Engineering and the command-line

For this question, you will need to make a screen shot or use your phone to take a picture of your computer screen.  This single photo/screen-shot needs to prove that you answered the following questions. You will submit this picture as your answer to this question:

  1. The command-line prompt must show your user first and last name. You will need to change your prompt by using either the SET PROMPT command or the SET PS1 command (it depends on your shell).
  2. In lecture 3 week 2 slide 54, we saw how developers working on a software project create a special directory structure that supports their programming efforts.


Create the following directory structure within your home directory (each row is a directory name and the indentation implies that it is a subdirectory – for example COMP206 is a subdirectory of Projects, and ass1 is a subdirectory of COMP206):




ass1                archive                backup                docs                assets                database


And place the screen-shot and solution document you will create to answer the questions of this assignment in the source directory.  The other directories can be empty.


Vybihal           Page 1 of 2      9-16-2017 McGill University             COMP 206      School of Computer Science


Everything must be submitted to My Courses before the due date. Remember that you can hand in your assignment up to two days late but there will be a penalty of 5% each day. After that, your assignment will not be accepted.  Please hand in the following:

  • For question 1: A text, word or PDF file named A1Q1 with the answer.
  • For question 2: A JPG or PNG file named A1Q2 with the answer.



The assignment is worth a total of 20 points.

  • QUESTION 1: is worth 10 points
  • The points will be awarded proportionally.
  • The full 10 points will be assigned to a 2 – 4 sentence summary that fully captures the meaning of the manifesto.
  • Incomplete answers or answers using more than 4 sentences or answers that have sentences that are extremely long will loose points.
  • QUESTION 2: is worth 10 points.
  • The points will be awarded proportionally. o 5 points for the correct directory structure
  • 3 points for having the A1Q1 and A1Q2 files placed properly in the source directory.
  • 2 points for a good screen-shop/picture that proves you did question 2 correctly.