COAL Lab 8 1-Video Memory Solved

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In this lab, students shall be able to:

  • Learn about using Extra Segment.
  • Understand the concept of Video Memory.
  • Output on screen with different attribute settings.

Exercise 1: Write a function that takes a decimal number and prints its hexadecimal at (x,y) coordinates passed by caller. (Modify the codes given in examples of chapter 6)

Exercise 2: Write an assembly subroutine that will receive an array’s address, its size and a key to search. If the key is found in the array, print ‘found’ on Screen in blinking green font. Else print ‘failed’ on screen in red font (no blinking).

Exercise 3: Write a program that finds total number of occurrences of a character from a null terminated string. For example total occurrences of ‘a’ in string “I am a student of coal” are 3. Print the number of occurrences on screen.