CO SCI 243 Programming Project # 1 Solved

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Your goal is to implement an application that allows employees of a certain perfume store to place customer order. Your application should:

 get customer information including name, telephone number and address (one field for each).

 ask for the method of payment: Visa, MasterCard, or cash.

 ask for customer credit card number if he/she selected Visa or MasterCard

 have four types of perfume (House of Sillage Cherry Garden for $1,150.00, Tom Ford Neroli Portofino for $695.00, Cartier Oud & Rose for 380.00, & Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb for $170.95) and five types of accessories (Spinning Perfume Organizer $165.70, Atomizer spray bottle $139.99, Perfume tray $91.90, 2 tiers cosmetic organizer $85.00, and Mist Spray $52.65). Perfumes and accessories prices are shown on the screen next to each item (see list of menus below). The total price should include tax at rate of 9.75%. (Assume the customers could place one order at a time)

 Gifts – Customers get a gift if they select 2 or more distinctive accessories. Selecting 2 accessories: Lipstick; select 3 accessories: Lip pencil; select 4 or more accessories: Eyeshadow. Note: Maximum one gift per order; Customer may not select a gift.

 calculate the total price when the user selects “Display Order Confirmation”. When the user selects the “Display Order Confirmation” option:

 if input is complete, your application must generate the order confirmation shown below.

 if input is incomplete, your application must generate one message, listing all fields requiring completion. The user should be able to input data in any order. Use function (call-by-value only). Do not use global variables. Do not use arrays. Make sure to test your program completely before submission. Do not forget to add comments.

Submit your well-documented C++ program via Canvas. The order confirmation should look like this:

You have placed an order for Cartier Oud & Rose ($33.33) With the following accessories:

1 Perfume tray ($3.33) 2 Mist Spray ($1.11) Total price: $88.88 Congratulations. You will get the following gift with your order: Lipstick Sold to: John Doe Telephone: 12345 Address: 123 Nice St. Paid by: Visa number 998877 Page 2 of 2 Menus: 1. Input Customer Information

2. Main Selection

3. Options

4. Payment Method

5. Display Order Confirmation

6. Exit ——————————-

1. Name

2. Phone Number

3. Address

4. Main Menu ——————————- 1. A ($44.44) 2. B ($33.33) 3. C ($22.22) 4. D ($11.11)

5. Main Menu ——————————- 1. aa ($1.11) 2. bb ($3.33) 3. cc ($4.44) 4. dd ($5.55) 5. ee ($6.66)

6. Clear

7. Main Menu ——————————-

1. Visa

2. MasterCard

3. Cash

4. Main Menu Note: The prices in the menu are not accurate. Use the prices in the project description.