CMSC421 Project 3 Solved

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What you’ll need to do

  • Implement and train a basic neural network with backpropagation
    • We’ll give you part of the code, you need to fill in the details
  • We’ll give you a ZIP archive containing two files:
    • py: the class and method outlines

○ code to train and test your neural network

  • py contains some, but not all, of the necessary methods
    • You’ll need to write the others yourself


  • This is the activation function used in the feed-forward compution of the network.
  • The included function is the sigmoid, but you can change this as you see fit.

Here is a graph showing visually how the sigmoid function works:


This is the derivative of the sigmoid function

  • You’ll need to use it to update the values when training your neural network
  • If you use an activation function other than the sigmoid, then you’ll need to use a different derivative than the one returned by sigderiv

Class: neuralnetwork:

__init__(self, size, seed):

  • This function will initialize the weights and biases for a neural network of the size specified by the ‘size’ parameter. ● The ‘size’ parameter is a list of the form
    • inputsize, hidden layer 1 size, … , hidden layer n size, output size]
  • Example on next page

Example of __init__

Suppose size = [3, 4, 4, 1]

  • then __init__ creates the network shown at right
  • It initializes a variable weights = [ [v11 v12 v13]

[v21 v22 v23] [v31 v32 v33]

[v41 v42 v43] …]

  • each vij is the weight on the connection to unit i in the first hidden layer from unit j in the input layer


Methods/Classes provided in (continued) forward(self, input):

Given a vector of input parameters of form:

[ [parameter 11, p12, …, p1n] [p21, p22, …, p2n] … ] This method will return a 3-tuple:

  • the output value(s) of each example (the variable ‘a’ in the source code)

○    The values before activation was applied after the input was weighted (the variable ‘pre_activations’)

○   The values after activation for all layers (the variable ‘activations’)

  • The reason it returns ‘pre_activations’ and ‘activations’ is because you’ll need them for updating the network

What you have to do:

  • Implement a method called train(…)
    • test_train calls it to train the neural network on the data set

○   To do this training, you will need to perform back propagation and calculate deltas

  • We’ve provided method headers for train(), backpropagate(), and calcDeltas()
    • If you want to use them, you’ll need to write the method bodies

○    But you don’t have to use them if you want to implement your network differently

  • The only things that must stay the same for testing:
    • you MUST have the test_train method and predict as provided

○    test_train must return an instance of your neural network that can be used to call predict(a).