CMSC204 Lab1 Solved

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To begin, create an account in GitHub at  The general account in GitHub is free, although it only allows you to create public repositories.  You can sign up for a free student account if you want to create your own private repositories (not required for this lab). Check your email and confirm that you signed up for GitHub (be sure you are logged in to GitHub when you check your email, and check your trash and spam folders).

Task #2 – Create a Repository

When you sign in to GitHub, you will see an icon in the upper right corner of the screen.  Select the “Your Repositories” link and then select “New”.  Name your “repo”. You may want to upload your picture via the profile link (not required). Create a readme file.

Task #3 – Take a screen shot of your “Repo”

Then take a screen shot of your new repository and submit on Blackboard.

Task #4 – (in the future) Upload Projects


When you first create the repo, you may upload files by selecting the link and dragging/dropping the directory.  Later, you can upload files from the “upload” link in the repo.  I recommend selecting the whole directory of your project, so that other projects can exist alongside the earlier ones.

For each programming assignment, upload the files.  First, upload the files provided on Blackboard.  Then select “commit”.  Later you will upload the files you edit.  This will avoid losing your files.

Your deliverables will be a screen shot of your repository for Lab 1, and for later programming projects of files you uploaded for each project.