CMPSC 101 LAB 4 – Calculate your GPA Solved

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Write a program to calculate your GPA, using the following information for your grades:
A: 4.00
A-: 3.67
B+: 3.33
B: 3.0
B-: 2.67
C+: 2.33
C: 2.00
D: 1.00
F: 0.00
Use this runs as an example (underlined elements indicate input data):
Enter grade for class 1: 4 Enter credits for class 1: 1 Enter grade for class 2: 3.67 Enter credits for class 2: 3 Enter grade for class 3: 3.33 Enter credits for class 3: 3 Enter grade for class 4: 3 Enter credits for class 4: 3 Enter grade for class 5: 2.67 Enter credits for class 5: 3 Your total points: 42.01 Your GPA: 3.23154
Run it at least three times with different data, then, following the instructions in the “How to package and submit your labs” video, package up your work. Double check to confirm that the package is complete (i.e., all the header info, the code, the screen shots, the output, etc.), and then submit it to the drop box.
Next, go back and confirm that the submission is in the drop box!