CMIS102-Homework3-Create your own While-End or (For End) repetition using C code-Solved

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Homework 3

Create your own While-End or (For End) repetition using C code. One of the following themes should be used:

  • Summing the total miles run or walked in a typical week
  • Summing the cost for groceries spent during a month
  • Summing the cost of hotel rooms used during vacation in a year
  • Summing the total number of automobile accidents in the DC area in one week

Be sure to provide an overview of what your repetition structure is doing. Please keep the design simple for this exercise. Just a few lines of code is all that is needed for this response.

Provide the C code and a screen capture showing the results of testing your code in an online compiler. Be sure to test your code with several test cases and show your test case table. Include header documentation in the code as well as internal code documentation.