CISC5300-Project4- Vectors and Maps Solved

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Programming Project #4:


Last couple of lectures, we talked extensively on vectors and maps. I want you to use a map that does the following:


Have a map of vectors where the key of the map is of type string. The vectors should be populated in the following way.

We will be querying employees for this assignment

1)     Ask the user for their name and the hours they worked for that day.

2)     If the user already inputted the hours for a particular day, they can not change their hours again. Write a message telling the user they already inputted the hours.

3)     Have a mechanism for the program to go to the next day. This can be as simple as writing “next day” in the prompt.

4)     Restart from 1) again.

5)     Remember, we should be putting hours in the next slot in the vector.

6)     if a new employee comes along, we should make sure we skip the previous slots in that vector. As in, all hours should line up in all vectors. For example, index 2 on all vectors in the map should be the hours for the third day of the week.

7)     At the end of the week (Friday). Calculate, the total hours worked per person and total hours worked per day and terminate the program.