CIS505 Homework 5 Solved

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In this module/week’s homework assignment, you will complete 2 exercises that will allow you to practice your skill on the topic of generic methods and classes that you learned about in the Reading & Study materials for this module/week.



  1. Refer to the Homework Grading Rubric before you begin this assignment.
  2. Complete the detailed instructions for each exercise included in the sections below. For each exercise, begin with a new Java project.
  3. As you write your code, provide all pertinent documentation in the form of JavaDoc comments for all classes and methods.
    1. All class-level comments must include a description of the class along with your name and links to any outside resources you used (other than the textbook) while writing your code.
    2. Each method must also have a comment that indicates the purpose of the method and, if applicable, the purpose of all parameters and return value.
    3. Additional in-line comments must be used to explain complex algorithms or unique solutions to the problem.
  4. Print, sign, and scan (or take a photo of) the Pledge of Academic Integrity.
  5. After you have completed the exercises for this assignment, submit the following via the Blackboard submission link: a digital copy of your signed pledge sheet, a compressed folder containing your code, and any additional written requirements specified below. Failure to submit a signed pledge of academic integrity for this assignment will result in an automatic grade of zero (0) for this assignment.


Exercise 1

  1. Write a generic method that compares its 2 arguments using the equals method and returns true if they are equal and false otherwise. Ensure that the name of your method includes your last name.
  2. Use your generic method in a program that tests it with a variety of built-in types such as Object or Integer.
  3. Take a screenshot of your output and paste it into a new Word document under an “Exercise 1” heading.
  4. Below the screenshot in the Word document, briefly discuss the results that you saw when you ran the program. Did you see what you expected to see? Why or why not?




Exercise 2

  1. Write a generic class Pair which has 2 type parameters, F and S, representing the type of the first and second elements of a pair respectively.
  2. Add get and set methods for the first and second elements of the pair.
  3. Override the toString() method to display the first and second values of the pair in a format of your choosing.
  4. Use the Pair class in a program that creates an ArrayList of 10 Pair objects containing values of your choosing. The program will then print the string representation of each Pair to System.out (i.e., use the toString() method).
  1. Take a screenshot of your output and paste it into the Word document you created for the first exercise, but place the screenshot under a header for “Exercise 2.”


Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday of Module/Week 5.