Chapter 4 Assignment Solved    

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Use the AdventureWorks databases to complete the following queries. Copy and paste your query under each question. I do not need to see the results set from running the query.

SALES Database

  1. Show me all the information on our Stores.
  2. Show me a list of Sales Territories sorted by Region. Include the Name of the Territory and Region

    Production Database

  3. Show me a list of Products with their number and name in alphabetical order by Name.
  4. Show me the name of our locations with the Availability.

Person Database

  1. Show me all the phone number types


  1. Show me all the persons (Person.person) Last Name and First name sorted by last name ascending and first name descending.


  1. What titles are associated with our person.person database. Don’t show duplicates.


Human Resources Database

  1. Show me a list of our Departments sorted by the group name.


  1. List the times of our shifts


  1. From our pay history, show me the top 5 rates that we have paid.

When you looked at the results of your query, you should see the values were 125.50, 84.1346, 72.1154, 63.4615, 30.0962.