Big Pizza Pie Pizzeria Receipt Generator Solved

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Problem: You’ve recently been employed as a software developer for an up-and-rising pizzeria.

Your employer has asked you to develop a program that helps calculate the subtotal and total (with tax included) price of a pizza based on some parameters (to be defined later) and prints out information regarding the order, including the name of the customer and order number.


What You Need to Know: The base price of a single pizza is $9.99, the price per topping is $1.05, and the tax rate is 10%.


What’s Required: To be able to print out an appropriate receipt for the customer with success, the person using the program will have to input three things. The first is the name of the customer, the second is the customer’s order number, and the third is the number of toppings the customer would like on their big pizza pie. You will also be required to calculate the subtotal price (i.e. the base price of a pizza plus the cost of the number of toppings to be included) and the total price (this is the subtotal plus the taxed amount of the subtotal).


Sample Output:

Note: Output does not have to exactly match. Recall that percentages are decimals whose values are smaller than 1. For example, 5% is the same as 0.05. Additionally, name your file as “”.