Array Sorting, Traversal and Exception Handling Solved

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Create a menu-driven program that will accept a collection of non-negative integers from the keyboard, calculate the mean and median values and display those values on the screen.
Your menu should have 6 options:

1.     Add a number to the array

2.     Display the mean

3.     Display the median

4.     Print the array to the screen

5.     Print the array in reverse order

6.     Quit

Program particulars:
Use an array of type int to store the integers entered by the user.  There must be error checking on the input integer.  If it is negative, the program will print an error message and re-prompt. This process will continue until a non-negative integer is entered. You must use a try-catch structure to trap both types of input errors (like letters where numbers should go) and range errors (like -1).

You must write your own selectionSort utility method to sort your array.  Place the method in an external file named

There must be error checking on the menu choice entered.  If the user enters a choice not on the menu, the program will print an error message, re-display the menu and re-prompt. This process will continue until a valid option value is entered.

Your solution must be modular.  The design of your methods is up to you, but the rules of “highly cohesive” and “loosely coupled” must be followed.

Your program should be well-documented.  Explain what you’re doing in your code. Be sure to include the usual name and assignment notes.

Note your program will have to sort your array before you can find the median.  Include your file which will contain your sort method.