ABD Assignment 4-MapReduce Solved

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MapReduce Questions

Create dataset with fields like ‘Student Name’, ‘Institute’, ‘Program Name’, and ‘Gender’ and solve following questions.

  1. Compute number of students from each Institute.
  2. Number of students enrolled to any program.
  3. Number of ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ students.
  4. Number of ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ students from selected Institute.

Dataset: Temperature of Indian Cities. Fields of dataset are Date, Average Temperature, City, Country, Latitude and Longitude (Dataset is attached). Solve following questions

  1. Find maximum and minimum temperature of all cities from the given dataset
  2. Count number of data point for each city.
  3. Find the maximum and minimum temperature for city Bangalore from the given dataset.
  4. Find the maximum and minimum temperature for any given city from the given dataset. City name should be passed through command line argument.